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HD DVD's WILL ONLY PLAY IN A HD DVD PLAYER. It will NOT play in blu ray or any standard dvd player.

Produced as long-form news documentaries, these shows are the only news programming of its kind to be shown entirely in high-definition. Get three amazing episodes on one DVD:

Shuttle Discovery's Historic Mission - World Report cameras have had unique access to the mission of Shuttle Discovery. From the events leading up to the STS-114 launch, to the touchdown of the spacecraft, our high definition cameras have provided an unusual record of this historic series of events.

The Wolf at the Door - In the American West, the wolf was virtually eliminated by 1940. Man had trapped, shot, poisoned and killed-off the species. Re-introduction programs using captured Canadian wolves have been very successful, but not without criticism. Now these wolves are breeding in the wild and expanding their territories into states that have no programs to either preserve or prevent their presence, where some residents may soon be surprised to find "The Wolf At The Door!"

The Devastation on the Gulf Coast - World Report cameras are working across the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. From the flooded streets of New Orleans, to the death and devastation across Mississippi and Alabama, Katrina threatens to set all-time records for a natural disaster in America.

Approx running time: 240 min.

Best of HDNet World Report Volume 1 - HD DVD hddvd-worldreport1$5.95