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HD DVD's WILL ONLY PLAY IN A HD DVD PLAYER. It will NOT play in blu ray or any standard dvd player.

Produced as long-form news documentaries, these shows are the only news programming of its kind to be shown entirely in high-definition. Get three amazing episodes on one DVD:

America: A Big Loss for a Small Town - World Report travels to the small and patriotic town of Dubois, Wyoming where the residents are dealing with the loss of one of their native sons to the conflict in Iraq. The marine who was killed comes from a family that is known to nearly the entire town, and everyone in town took time to honor him at his funeral.

Karbala: A Holy Day Target - HDNet World Report cameras were in Karbala, Iraq, for celebrations of the holiest day of the Shiite calendar. That day also presented a tragic opportunity for the enemies of the new Iraq. Witness the attacks first hand through the high definition camera of the World Report crew on the streets of Karbala.

Vatican City: Honoring the Pope's Life and Legacy - HDNet cameras are in Rome for the events leading up to the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Vatican officials are doing everything they can to allow hundreds of thousands of mourners an opportunity to pay their final respects to a Pope who traveled the world.

Approx running time: 240 min.

Best of HDNet World Report Volume 2 - HD DVD hddvd-worldreport2$5.95